I use only the most advanced spike-less climbing techniques that leave your tree completely unscathed. I climb and perform all of my work according to ANSI A300 standards, and ANSI Z133 safety standards. I keep up to date on all the latest and greatest climbing techniques and gadgets...I have a lot of fun with it, and I love what I do!

Bucket trucks have their place, but you simply can't beat proper climbing technique to do a finesse high quality pruning job on a tree. Using my advanced climbing methods allow me to get up close and personal with every single branch and piece of deadwood on your tree. Proper climbing affords me access to the whole canopy of your tree without damaging any branches with a bucket truck, or other big equipment.

Another big benefit of hiring a a certified climbing arborist is that I produce a very small footprint. If I need to move some heavy logs, I use either a dolly or a small compact John Deere tractor with 4-wheel drive that is turf friendly.

I can easily access those backyards and areas that are inaccessible to booms and bucket trucks, and safely prune your tree or remove a dead one. I climb hard on a daily basis, so taking care of your tree is another effortless day on the job for me!

I do everything from the biggest removals to the smallest finesse pruning jobs...I take pride in every aspect of my work.

Eli Morgan - ISA Certified Arborist. Email: elimorgan14@hotmail.com PH: 641-919-3691 facebook