I offer consultation for protecting trees during building and construction. If you are thinking of building/installing anything (a house, patio, outbuilding, sidewalk, etc.) and you have nearby trees with a high economic and/or sentimental value, you should definitely consider contacting me. It helps if I can work with the building planners and architects in the very early stages to ensure nothing is placed to close to the trees in the planning process.

Managing trees during construction involves selecting which trees and tree stands are most likely to survive and thrive after building, and keeping those trees with a value. A proper tree protection zone (TPZ) must be created around around the selected trees and tree stands. The size of the TPZ varies depending on the size/species of tree. I set up all of my TPZ's according to ANSI A300 tree care standards.

Construction usually requires big heavy equipment that causes serious soil compaction around the construction site. I offer services that drastically reduce the soil compaction on the build site so that you end up with healthy trees when everything is done.

Construction damage such as soil compaction, root severing, and mechanical damage from heavy equipment can have acute effects on tree health, but most of the time it causes chronic damage that sends the tree into a gradual state of decline over a number of years. The trees could look fine, and then 20 years later they could go into a mortality spiral with construction damage being the root cause.

A picture of common construction related damage to a tree by big construction equipment. This tree will have a much better chance of closing up this wound if a careful job of bark tracing is performed. Bark tracing is the process of using hand tools to smooth out the tears and rough edges of the tree wound. I offer bark tracing as a service to those who have had trees that were exposed to mechanical damage by heavy machinery.
A sugar maple being exposed to to digging/trenches that is way to close to the trunk of the tree:
This picture is a great example of what can happen to a tree when you install hardscape too close to it's root zone. Due to construction, this tree simply didn't have enough structural strength in it's root system to support it's might canopy:
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